Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dreaming of a white christmas

Hard to belive another year has passed and while I love the Australian warm christmas with all its tradition of lovely seafood and beach cricket its hard not to be just a bit jealous of our sisters in cool climates. Snow must be the ultimate decorator accessory and creating a cozy warm environment so satisfying. Maybe next year. Well with the shop at breakneck speed and the endless round of school committments with the kids its been a nectic time but as we sat down to lunch at my lovely linen tablecloth bought in Paris and the little christmas robins hanging on the tree which I carefully nursed back from Macys in Hawaii . I am so thankful that my husband is home after over 4 months in France working and my three children and 2 step children are all healthy and happy and make our life so full of energy and happiness. I am also thankful that the shop continues to grow and my lovely customers give me so much encouragement and support as things evolve and blossom. I am lucky that this year I got to take two holidays, one to my dream city of Paris and one with my mum to Hawaii and spend some time being a daughter rather than a mum. Ive also spent a few fantastic long weekends with good friends laughing like a teenager , shopping and doing lattes and drinking too much wine over lunch.

I am so blown away just peeking into the beautiful homes of bloggers who put their heart and soul into creating lovely homes and wonderful memories for their families and don't want to imagine a world without women like that who take time to decorate cook and put meaning in what can be a cold and commercial time of year. Hats off to you all and may 2010 bring you health happiness and joy. May we all remember the abundance we are so very lucky to enjoy.

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  1. What lovely words Miss Dee. I think we can all flop now for a bit do you think? Mel xxx